Hassle-free greenery for your business.

Green up your workspace with our artificial greenery and silk flowers!

With Stays we want to help your company to create an optimal working environment and an excellent & unique customer experience!

Let us guide you through the process. We will explore various options, create a unique and customized plan and design your desired look!

Artificial fake green plant in a pot for an office

Green makes you happy!

Multiple studies have proven that indoor plants keep you healthier and happier, offering both psychological and physical health benefits that include: Improving your mood, reducing fatigue, lowering stress and anxiety and improving office performance and focus. Other studies proved that these benefits are the same for artificial plants and greenery.

Plants please!

Zero maintenance, 100% wow effect.

Are you looking for a unique storefront design or simply looking to perk up your store, restaurant, hotel or office? Think forever flowers and plants with zero maintenance!

No more tacky looking fake flowers and plants, with Stays you choose the highest quality of silk greenery. Our suppliers spent years perfecting their products to make sure everything looks as close to the real thing as possible. All our collections are carefully curated and hand picked by us. No buying in bulk or pre-made flower arrangements. We create what you desire.

Silk flowers at work.

Make your workspace more colorful with one of our hand picked silk bouquets. Our flowers look effortlessly good and require almost zero maintenance. Some light dusting from time to time will make them look brand new. Choose one of our seasonal bouquets on our webshop or send us a message for a tailor-made request. Our bouquets come in many forms and sizes and are matched with custom made vases. Our collection regularly changes.

Our vases are handmade in Portugal, customized by us and have a simple yet unique design.

Flowers please!
Artificial tree in a pot

Choose sustainable!

Fresh flowers often have a huge impact on the environment. While it is charming to imagine that fresh cut flowers are picked naturally from local lush gardens, the reality is far from cheerless. To meet the demands of the floral industry, the majority of flowers are farmed on a mass scale. Our silk flowers require no pesticides and no invasive farming practices. Our suppliers use globally accepted manufacturing processes, resulting in a greatly reduced carbon print.

Cut flowers in general have a short shelf life, meaning they need to be replaced regularly. Our silk flowers require less care and do less damage to the environment, they will last a lifetime and can be cycled and replaced at your convenience.

artificial flower ceiling in co-working space or office

Let's bloom together!

Green up your office with our forever greenery! Are you done with wasting hours of watering your plants, seeing your plants die or spending loads of money on maintenance?

Our artificial plants require zero maintenance, survive without any light and look like the real thing. We offer a limited selection of plants and matching pottery on our webshop. Looking for bigger or more unique plants or trees? Send us a message. 

We put the art into artificial - a tailor made experience.

Are you looking to stand out? Looking for an entrance hall that looks like a green art piece? A storefront full of flowers? An urban jungle with a twist? Together we will work it out!

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A gift that Stays.

Building long lasting client relations, just closed a big deal or simply looking for a client worthy gift? Choose flowers and plants that will last as long as your partnership, preferably forever.

Yes please!

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